What is Lucky Chan’s?

Lucky Chan’s is coming to Northbridge and you have a chance to be part of its creation.

The team behind The Classroom are creating Australia’s first permanent crowd-funded restaurant but to make Lucky Chan’s a reality, we need your help.

For as little as $5 you’ll own a part of Perth’s bar scene, you’ll be a bar owner with us and be directly responsible for helping Perth nightlife scene develop even further.
By supporting Lucky Chan’s you’ll help create a place you can be proud of being involved in, something to tell the grandkids. The bar and restaurant will pay homage to the history, vibrancy and culture of Northbridge.

We know Northbridge is blessed with many great bars and restaurants and we want to add to that. The theme of the venue is one of a bustling Chinese street market spread across an exciting and engaging 3-level bar unlike anything Perth has seen.

so check out our video here and make a pledge today to make Lucky Chan’s a reality!

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