Who is Lucky Chan?



Lucky Chan is an enigma wrapped  in a riddle, wrapped in a dumpling then deep-fried.

A self-described ‘international man of mystery’, LC is the polyester suit-wearing mover and shaker of William Street laundries. No one really knows where he came from – or where he’s going.




The History & Inspiration

Even before Federation, Chinese people began arriving in Western Australia seeking a new life and prosperity. These migrants quickly made a mark on their new homeland, founding businesses that drew from their expertise. The concept of the Chinese laundry was introduced and quickly took up root as well as restaurants, cafes and small eating houses that served the delicious food of their homeland.

Today Perth is a melting pot of migrants including those from Asian countries such as Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Philippines, China, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Burma, Cambodia and Brunei.

Northbridge is home to many of these cultures and now Lucky Chan’s joins the fold to connect with the past and celebrate its future.


Meet the extended family!



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